Friends ask two questions at full council meeting on 15 April

The Friends of Mitcham Common asked two questions at the full council meeting on 15 April. You can see the full list here:

Will the Council provide a map to at least 1:2500 scale identifying land owned by the Mitcham Common Conservators, any adjoining land owned by Merton Council and the Metropolitan Open Land covering Mitcham Common?

The Mitcham Common Conservators have recently obtained permission from the Land Registry and Ordnance Survey to convert the Land Registry’s plan showing the boundaries of the Common into a format which can be viewed by the public. This should be available at the Conservators’ June meeting and will clarify the land ownership of Mitcham Common and its environs.All of Mitcham Common is designated as Metropolitan Open Land.”


To ask for a response as to whether the maintenance of Mitcham Common will be
included in the proposals for contracting out parks and green space maintenance
across Merton?

Mitcham Common is managed by the Mitcham Common Conservators and although
Merton Council acts as their agent, it is for the Conservators to determine whether
they wish to have the Common included in any future grounds maintenance contract.
The Conservators have discussed the matter but have not yet taken a decision.


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