Friends of Mitcham Common Annual Review and Farmlands Walk, 15 July, from 6pm

The Friends of Mitcham Common Annual Review will take place Wednesday, 15 July from 7.30 pm,
at the Ecology Centre.

We have arranged for local bird expert, Peter Alfrey, to give us a guided walk around the
Beddington Farmlands prior to the review. Everybody is welcome to join us for this walk, which
will be free, and will start at Mitcham Junction (meet at the bus stop on the bridge) at 6pm.The
walk will end at the Ecology Centre, after which the review will commence.

At the meeting we will discuss the progress that the Friends have made over the year and deal
with the election of new officials (or the reelection of existing officials).This is in part because, as
noted in the last Magpie, Roy Dennis has stepped down from his role as Treasurer.

As happened last year, a small party will follow the meeting. where people can mingle and talk
about the Common and the Friends.

The usual array of publications will be available at the meeting, and the Mitcham Common Manager
Martin Boyle will be on hand to answer your burning questions about the Common.


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