Mitcham Cricket Green Heritage Day, 19 September

Mitcham Cricket Green Community & Heritage would like to let you know about the first ever Mitcham Heritage Day. This will take place on Saturday 19 September.

Mitcham Cricket Green Community & Heritage has coordinated a range of free walks, exhibitions, tours and visits to buildings and open spaces around Cricket Green for the day.

Mitcham Heritage Day is completely free.

There’s lots here that is not usually open to the public. The timing of guided tours has been worked out so that it is possible to do all of them during the course of the day and still leave time to take in exhibitions that have been specially prepared.

Refreshments are available at many of the locations.

Walks, tours and exhibitions:

10.00 to 10.45
The Canons guided tour. Booking required – 020 8640 3333.

10.00 to 1.00
Vestry Hall photographic exhibition. No booking.

11.00 to 11.45
Vestry Hall guided tour. Booking required – 020 8640 3333.

12.30 to 1.30
Parish Churchyard guided tour. No booking. Meet at front porch.

2.30 to 3.30
Cricket Green heritage walk. No booking. Meet at cricket pavilion.

11.00 and 3.00
Parish Church cemetery mortuary chapel open. No booking.

Open buildings:

10.30 to 4.30
Mitcham Cricket Pavilion (including exhibition on women involved with the club)

10.30 to 4.30
Mitcham Parish Church (including exhibition about Mary Tate, buried in church crypt, visit to bell ringing tower, display of church plate and more)

10.30 to 4.30
Mitcham Methodist Church

Cricket will be played during the day.

More information is at

Please do check the poster which has more detail about what’s happening at each venue, including which are providing refreshments.

Requests for more information on any event can be sent to


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