Consultation on Dog Control in Merton

There is a new borough-wide public consultation about proposed new dog control measures in Merton including Mitcham Common.

The proposals will have significant impacts for the management of dogs on the Common for some years to come, so dog walkers and other interested parties please take the survey to ensure that your views are represented. The end date for the survey is the 26th January 2021.


One thought on “Consultation on Dog Control in Merton

  1. My first reaction on seeing the notice in Morden Park from the Friends was surely the Council have more important tjhings to do in the present pandemic situation than inflicting rules on us poor dog owners. We are very lucky in Merton with all the lovely open spaces we have always but especially in the present situation. Most dog owners have control of their dogs, pick up mess etc. I believe a dog needs to be able to run free – with of course a certain amount of control. To keep them on a lead all the time more often than not will make them more aggressive. But you will find very few aggressive dogs. I could say a great deal more but maybe i will stop here.

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