Plans for a new access road to Willow Lane behind Aspen Gardens.

Merton Council is planning a new access road for lorries and other heavy good vehicles using Willow Lane industrial estate. The new road would cut across Mitcham Common from Carshalton Road, run between Aspen Gardens and Drake Road and then run behind homes in Aspen Gardens. You can see a map below.

Proposed access road in red. Mitcham Junction train and tram-stop circled. North at the top.

This road is included in Merton Council’s draft Local Plan, which is out for public consultation until February 1st.

We object to these plans for the following reasons:

  • Their damaging impact on the Mitcham Cricket Green Conservation Area;
  • The loss of a significant area of Mitcham Common;
  • The impact of noise and pollution on local residents, including in Aspen Gardens;
  • A lack of evidence that a new access road is needed.

We believe Willow Lane should be serviced by the existing access from Goat Road, allowing lorry routes to be carefully managed.

The new access road is included as Proposal TN17 in support of Policy T6.9 Supporting Transport infrastructure.

You can make your views known by responding to the Local Plan consultation. Please send your views (including your name and address) to before February 1st. You should reference Proposal TN17 and Policy T6.9 in your comments. Your letter supporting the local residents and helping to protect this green space can be as simple as this:

Dear Sir/Madam,

As a keen Rambler and local resident I would like to register my strong objection to the access road proposed between Carshalton Road and Willow Lane (Proposal TN17, Policy T6.9). We will lose some beautiful woodland and footpaths and the resulting traffic noise and pollution will completely change this area.  


A letter from the Friends, written by Tony Burton, was sent last week to Future Merton.

Thank you very much in advance for your help.


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